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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bush fire provision - VARIATION

As we are in a bush fire prone area with rating BAL 12.5 we are needing to make upgrades to the house so we met the requirement for homes in bush fire prone areas.

So a variation of $4241 has been raised it was initially $4523 but we have already upgraded our front door so this was credited back to us.

So for our money we will get

- Sarking to the entire roof area
- Roof ventilator (whirly bird) to roof including ember guard due to roof being fully sarked
- Weepholes with corrosion-resistant steel mesh inserts
- Upgrade of garage external hinged door, to comply with Bushfire Regulations (excludes pivot doors).
- Provision of ember seal to standard garage sectional door
- Additional Raven seals to rear hinged garage door
- Provide flyscreens with aluminium mesh in lieu of standard nylon mesh

We also was notified it was time to pay the community infrastructure fee to Casey Council which is a once off fee payable after settlement. This was $808.03 - love the 3 cents.

So now we are all paid up we just wait and let HBC do their thing!


Tuesday, 28 January 2014


We had a few nervous moments, as resolve wanted to delay settlement til the 31st January without penalties due to us having signed an out dated first home owner grant form. The conveyancer was swift in response saying Peet will penalize any late transactions ekkkkkk.

Did we sweat or what!!!!

Resolve was waiting on a UIN number for us but turns out our lender had already sent it to the conveyancer PHEW!!!

So settlement has finally happened (at 2.30 today to be precise), we now own our block of mud ( well the bank does) haha

Now the wait is on for all site reports then developer approval then finally the exciting one the building permit.

Our prestart lady has emailed me saying it should take 8-10 weeks from title til we are handed over to construction. But I think its more of a matter of how long a piece of string is. Some people have waited 15 weeks...

Lets hope the wait is within their time frame :)

I should hear from her soon I guess to pay the $4500 which is needed to upgrade our house due to our lot being in the bush fire prone zone. YES we are still in it which is pretty disappointing. That's a very expensive variation.... That money WAS going to help to pay progress payments while renting.

But these things happen we will get there... gotta keep chugging along..... and roll on construction......

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Wow is this some heat wave or what!!!!
40+ degrees and no power for 3 hours do not mix.
To make things worse Seaford's had a bad day for fires as well adding to the stress.
 Roll on the weekend I say!
And I take my hat off to the Firies battling blazes in this incredible heat, they are amazing!!!

On a brighter side of this melting day I heard from our conveyancer. Our land has titled and settlement will occur on the 28th January. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER haha
Was starting to think the next call would be another delay. So now I can actually count down til we officially own our first bit of mud :)

Resolve rung as well and the form we used to apply for our first home owners $10000 grant has now been replaced with a newer version. So she is going to express post the new form for us to sign so everything will be in order for settlement. Good things are now moving, next step building permit and developer approvals