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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Received a email from resolve today as our formal approval is about to lapse, so we need to sign a document stating our financial position is still the same as when we first applied. Great that we only have to sign one sheet of paper to extend this. EASY PEASY

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


I so love our pre start lady :) Addenda has been amended and we now have the right garage door listed- much to my relief.

Went out to the estate today, was it busy or what - so many different tradies busy working all over the place. Our asphalt had just been laid when we arrived YIPEE!!! so the road is now complete, we are getting there!

I also emailed our sales rep from PEET this arvo asking if he knew how far away land is from titling. He said the civil works are nearly complete so titling will be in December but settlement wont occur till the first or second week of January 2014. This will actually be good as nothing will happen during the end of December due to the xmas shut down. So works well for us.... ROLL ON 2014 when we will get our first home!!!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Was sitting back sorting out my mountain of documents since we started this journey and I decided to read over our addenda...

It has a Regency profile garage door listed instead of a Georgian. How could I have missed that??? I have read this so many times. I have just emailed my pre start lady to see if we could change this fingers crossed! As I am dead set on our Georgian profile.

 This is the style we want
and this is the style we have got..............

This was the first decision me and my hubby agreed on haha so lets hope the amend it for us!!
I heard back from Home buyers the other week in regards to the bush fire provisions, our land was not in the bush fire zone when we first signed our land contract but was put in the zone in August. It will be reviewed again in November so I wont cry yet. We will just continue to save incase we need to pay this variation though.

On a plus note we went and visited our land this weekend. Our road has been primed and is ready for asphalt!!!! It is looking soooo good. EXCITING TIMES AHEAD